Installing Teraterm Pro and ttssh
  1. Download into C:\TEMP the following two files:
  2. Double click ttermp23.exe and unpack it into C:\TEMP\tterm.
  3. Double click C:\TEMP\tterm\setup.exe and install it into
  4. Rename readme.txt in that directory to t_readme.txt. This prevents this file from being overwritten at the next step.
  5. Unpack into
  6. Make a shortcut to C:\Program Files\ttermpro\ttsh.exe for your startup menu, desktop, or both.
Using ttssh
  1. Start teraterm from the ttssh shortcut. Starting the program this way will enable the ssh protocol. If you were to start Teraterm Pro directly only telnet and serial protocols would be available.
  2. A the first dialog set: Then click OK
  3. The first time you do this you will see a security alert. To avoid it in future sessions check the box that says Add the new key to the known hosts list and click on continue.
  4. On the next dialog enter: Then click OK
  5. You should now be logged into
  6. Please logout with an exit command before closing Teraterm.
  7. You may want to customize Teraterm slightly, for instance, to increase the number of scroll lines retained.
  8. GCG must be set up before use. To do so issue the command: If you have customized your .alias file so that setup is not defined you may use the equivalent command:
  9. To use the GCG Tektronix emulator (for graphics) in Teraterm Pro GCG needs to be told the name of your terminal, and that is different each time you log in. Issue the following command to set up tektronix graphics in a session:
Updated 07/09/2001