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nettee is a network "tee" program. It can typically transfer data between N nodes at (nearly) the full bandwidth provided by the switch which connects them. It is handy for cloning nodes or moving large database files. Source distributions: Production release:, from Dec 19,2008. Development release: 0.3.4 beta, from Feb 25,2009. previous versions Man pages Production version: nettee Development version: nettee and nettee_cmd Features added or changed in development version: 1. data stream directed up or down chain 2. processing of data stream on each node (permits network merge and other more complex operations) 3. expanded error handling 4. per node data buffering 5. example accessory scripts now use topology files. Example 1: use nettee to clone an image IMAGE stored on A onto 5 machines B,C,D,E,F. On A: nettee -in IMAGE -next B -v 31 #full logging On B: nettee -next C >/dev/hda On C: nettee -next D >/dev/hda On D: nettee -next E >/dev/hda On E: nettee -next F >/dev/hda On F: nettee >/dev/hda Example 2: use nettee to copy a directory tree from A onto 3 machines B,C,D. On A: (cd wherever; tar cf - . ) | nettee -in - -next B -v 31 #full logging On B: nettee -next C | (cd wherever ; tar xpf - ) On C: nettee -next D | (cd wherever ; tar xpf - ) On D: nettee -next . | (cd wherever ; tar xpf - ) Example 3: like (2) but using a socket instead of a pipe. In some instances this may be faster. On A: nettee -in socket -cmd 'cd wherever; tar cf - .' -next B -v 31 #full logging On B: nettee -out socket -cmd 'cd wherever; tar xpf - ' -next C On C: nettee -out socket -cmd 'cd wherever; tar xpf - ' -next D On D: nettee -out socket -cmd 'cd wherever; tar xpf - ' -next . To build nettee: GCC (most platforms) % gcc -Wall -D_LARGEFILE64_SOURCE -o nettee nettee.c Solaris: % gcc -Wall -D_LARGEFILE64_SOURCE -o nettee -l socket -l nsl nettee.c David Mathog Manager, sequence analysis facility, biology division, Caltech