Installing MacSSH
  1. Download and unpack this file:
  2. Drag the resulting MacSSH folder into the folder that holds your applications.
  3. Make an alias to the MacSSH application and add it to your Apple menu items list and/or your desktop.
Configuring MacSSH
  1. Start the MacSSH application.
  2. Favorites -> Edit Favorites
  3. Under the general tab:
  4. Under the terminal tab:
  5. Under the security tab:
  6. Under the ssh2 tab:
  7. You may not like the default colors, which are white characters on a black background. To change this go to the terminals... menu option and create a different terminal type with different colors. Then go back to the terminal tab and select that new terminal type.
Using MacSSH
  1. Start MacSSH from the shortcut.
  2. Favorites -> Sequence Analysis Facility
  3. At the first dialog set:
  4. You should now be logged into
  5. Please logout with an exit command before closing Teraterm.
  6. GCG must be set up before use. To do so issue the command: If you have customized your .alias file so that setup is not defined you may use the equivalent command:
  7. To use the GCG Tektronix emulator (for graphics) in MacSSH GCG needs to be told the name of your terminal, and that is different each time you log in. Issue the following command to set up tektronix graphics in a session:
Updated 07/09/2001