The SAF is a facility in the Biology Division at Caltech. It provides researchers with computing resources for use in their investigations of a variety of biological problems. It is also used in the teaching of several undergraduate courses. For historical and political reasons the SAF is divided into two entitities: the sequence analysis facility and the structure analysis facility.
The sequence analysis facility provides a variety of tools and data for use primarily by molecular biologists. A typical set of tasks that a researcher might perform would be: The structure analysis facility provides a complementary set of tools and data primarily for use by structural biologists. A typical set of tasks that the same researcher might perform would be:
Sequence analysis often leads to structure analysis and vice versa. The SAF provides a place to do both.
The sequence analysis work is carried out on a Solaris 2.8 workstation. Data from the DNA sequencing facility is also served from this machine. The structure analysis work is performed on one of seven workstations which dual boot linux and Windows XP, all of which are equipped with Stereo hardware.

Updated 11/09/2004