Color Transparencies

Use only the transparencies provided in the box on the shelf above the printer. Other types of transparencies will melt inside the printer. Should you use the wrong media, and cause this type of damage, be prepared to pay for the repairs!
  1. Open the multipurpose tray on the front of the printer by pulling gently outward on its handle, located immediately beneath the control panel.
  2. Extend the support attached to the handle until there is a "paper sized" input tray.
  3. Load as many blank transparency sheets as desired into the multipurpose tray.
  4. Print your document - be sure that paper source is set to multipurpose tray. The media type should remain at Any Media Type
  5. After you have printed set paper source back to Automatically select.
  6. Once your transparencies have printed fold up and close the multipurpose tray (gently!)
  7. Sign up on the chargeback sheet!
  8. In addition to the usual toner charges, there is an extra $0.35/page charge for each transparency sheet used.