Name Space Information

This system was put together to serve as a convenient tool for the various campus system operators to use to maintain a single computer account name space. We need this so that

Two account names are maintained for each campus computer user, a short set (up to 8 characters) for use on Unix and OpenVMS machines, and a long set (up to 20 characters) for use on Macintosh and Windows machines.

To use this system you must be a registered operator. To do so, contact David Mathog.

You access this system through the web using these three forms:

There are also two scripts available for converting Unix passwd files and OpenVMS SYSUAF.DAT files to either raw database format or the comma delimited format required for the multiple entry form. Warning: be careful that the download is done in TEXT format or the resulting files will likely be mangled! The nawk script works on POSIX, SGI, Digital Unix, and SunOS 4.x, but Unix not being Unix always, there is no guarantee that it will work elsewhere. For the output of either script some postprocessing with an editor may be desired, for instance, to change the division from "Unclassified" to "Mathematics", and the status from "Unclassified" to "Faculty". The method used on OpenVMS systems truncates the full names to twenty characters, so you may want to go back and fix those few that are over this limit. Look inside the two procedures for examples of their use.

The single user search form is more or less self explanatory. No modifications to the database can be made, and the default is to return no more than 20 records no matter how many matches are found. If you relax that maxium be very careful what you ask for, as it is possible to formulate a query which will download several thousand records.

The single user entry/search form is also relatively straightforward. Fill out the fields, select Search, Verified Submit, or Forced Submit mode, and then submit the form.

The multiple name form is slightly harder to use. You paste in a series of lines like:

The name space system will reject proposed account names that differ from an existing name only by case. The system will not under any circumstances add a record where the short account, long account, or full name fields are blank.