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The current version of miniproc is 3.05.01, from May 02,2006. Miniproc is a small general purpose text preprocessor. Miniproc is intended to be a portable, and much simpler, alternative to perl and M4. Miniproc is written in ANSI C. Some possible applications are: 1. Preprocessor for languages which do not have their own standard preprocessor (ie, Fortran.) For use in preparing a single standard presource which is processed through miniproc to result in platform specific final source file(s). 2. Make-like utility for batches of HTML files. Example, you have many documents which all include a standard disclaimer on the bottom. Change the disclaimer, and run a miniproc script to update the final HTML files. Or it could be run periodically in a batch queue to update dates within documents. 3. Mailing lists. That is, whenever you need to generate many similar files which are all variants on a single template. For instance, the page you are reading is encoded by the file miniproc.mpc and processed by miniproc to its final form. The miniproc source distribution: The miniproc documentation: miniproc_3_05_doc.html Download site for binaries: As of version 2.0 the f$evaluate and f$<- functions have been replaced by a built in reverse Polish notation calculator, which incorporates all of the same functionality (but is easier to use). Scripts which use these two functions must be rewritten to use the new [ ] notation, or they will trigger an error message and then exit. The miniproc source distribution contains: aaareadme.txt this file miniproc.c source code for miniproc miniproc.doc documentation for miniproc (text) miniproc_doc.html documentation for miniproc (html) testfile.mpc example input file makefile* makefiles for various platforms The program is Known to build without warning or error on: OpenVMS Alpha, DECC Irix, SGI C Digital Unix, DECC Digital Unix, gnu cc Solaris, gnu cc Windows32, inside Cygwin with gnu cc Mac OSX To build miniproc: OpenVMS with DECC $ cc/standard=ansi89/prefix=all/warn=(enable=all,disable=TRUNCINTASN) miniproc.c $ link miniproc Digital Unix with DECC % cc -std1 -o miniproc miniproc.c -lm Irix % cc -ansi -o miniproc miniproc.c -lm GCC (any platform) % gcc -ansi -pedantic -o miniproc miniproc.c -lm Windows 32, Codewarrior Pro 2 Build it as an ANSI C "windows console application" (However, stat() is broken on the Codewarrior release that I have, so stat() based functions don't work correctly.) To test miniproc: From a command line run $ miniproc testfile.mpc failonly=1 and examine the results file which will be called test.txt. For more information on tests omit the "failonly=1" part. (Some .mpc files will also be created along the way - they should only remain in the directory if the test crashes.) This software may be used freely, but may not be redistributed. You may modify this sofware for your own use, but you may not incorporate any part of the original code into any other piece of software which will then be distributed (whether free or commercial) unless prior written consent is obtained. For more information, or to report bugs, contact: David Mathog Manager, sequence analysis facility, biology division, Caltech