This page contains descriptions of software that has been loaded onto the SAF SGI machines and links any on line manuals for same.


This contains a few hints on how to use these machines
All of the SGI computers run an idle job killer. If you don't touch a console or shell window at least once every 20 minutes it will log you out. You can disable the idle job killer for the current session with the command:
killall idlekiller
If you disable the idle job killer be sure to completely logout when you are through, otherwise you will be charged for computer time that you didn't use. ($3.00/hour for console time, use for Bi/Ch 170 is free.)
zip and nedit are GUI editors which are much easier to use than the standard unix editors such as vi or ed. zip help file , tutorial
Pico is a terminal based editor, it is very simple to use and works well for modifying or composing small files
Use pine or elm to read and send mail instead of the mail or MAIL. Pine will also do MIME (attachments of pictures, binaries, sounds, etc.) Note, while you can send mail from any machine you should probably only read mail on Howie.
In addition to mosaic and netscape, one of which you are probably using now to read this document, the following programs are also available for information gathering, or "net surfing": Xgopher, gopher, lynx, xarchie, and xwais.
If you need to move bunches of files around you might want to try Xdir.

Hints for using SAF SGI computers