HMMER Applications

EMBASSY HMMERNEW is a suite of application wrappers to the original hmmer v2.3.2 applications written by Sean Eddy. hmmer v2.3.2 must be installed on the same system as EMBOSS and the location of the hmmer executables must be defined in your path for EMBASSY HMMER to work.

The HMMER versions of these programs all have the prefix "e" to distinguish them from the original programs.

Applications in the current hmmernew release

Program name Description
ehmmalign Align sequences to an HMM profile
ehmmbuild Build a profile HMM from an alignment
ehmmcalibrate Calibrate HMM search statistics
ehmmconvert Convert between profile HMM file formats
ehmmemit Generate sequences from a profile HMM
ehmmfetch Retrieve an HMM from an HMM database
ehmmindex Create a binary SSI index for an HMM database
ehmmpfam Search one or more sequences against an HMM database
ehmmsearch Search a sequence database with a profile HMM