BMB 178 SYLLABUS Fall 2016
Wed/Fri 10:30 A.M. - 12 NOON
101 Schlinger

  Shu-ou Shan 
    150 Braun, x3879,
Teaching Assistants:  121 Braun, x4071
    UnSeng Chio 
    Chien-I Yang 
    Shuai Wang 
    Office hours: 7-9 pm 10/12(CY); 11/1(UC), 11/28(SW)
    Additional office hours are available by appointment.
  A. Fersht, "Structure and Mechanism in Protein Science", 3rd edition (2000) or later.
  A copy is on reserve in the library.  An electronic copy of this book is freely available
Date    Topic                                                           HW Set
9/28  	Introduction; review of basic thermodynamics; 
           transition state theory					 
9/30  	Transition state theory continued and ramifications;            #1 posted
           pymol tutorial

10/5    Covalent catalysis; General acid/base catalysis                                     
10/7    Metal ions; Electrostatics and hydrogen bonds

10/12   Entropy, intrinsic binding energy and the Circe effect
10/14   Specificity and editing; promiscuity and enzyme evolution 	#1 due			

10/19   Cooperativity and allostery   			                #2 posted		
10/21   Kinetics 101: rate laws, rate limiting steps

10/26   Steady state kinetics (I)
10/28   Steady state kinetics (II)  Presteady-state kinetics
          Schedule literature discussions

11/2    Pre-steady state kinetics (II)                                  #2 due    
11/4    Pre-steady state kinetics (III)					#3 posted 		

11/09   Literature discussion (I)                                            
11/11   Literature discussion (II)
11/16   Kinetics simulations	                                
11/18   Single molecule kinetics (I)
11/23   Single molecule kinetics (II)						
11/25   No class (Thanksgiving)      

11/30   Enzyme design and evolution                                     #3 due
12/02   Literature discussion (III)

12/5    Finals Posted
12/9	Finals due by 5PM.  In front of Shu-ou's office (109 Braun). 

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