BMB 178

Students should understand that Caltech's Honor Code is good preparation for the equally stringent ethical requirements which are imposed by employers, publishers, and granting agencies. Your instructors abide by the Caltech Honor code and will not tolerate any behaviors that take unfair advantage of others. We draw your attention to the specific policies regarding:

Homework. Copying of other people's work is not permitted. You may consult with others on the problem sets, but the written work must be done independently by each student.

Plagiarism. Below is a statement from the Caltech Honor System handbook (2000):

In BMB 178, this policy applies to both homework and the final. Although you may include sentences from the work of others in your homework or final project, you must enclose the sentences in quotation marks and provide a proper reference for the quotation (see example below). If plagiarism is discovered in a problem set or a final project,we will notify the Board of Control and the grade will be impacted accordingly.

Material cited verbatim should be formatted as in the following example:

Also, ideas and results must be cited even when the source text is not used verbatim and the material cited is not quoted. Example:

99.9% of this page is derived from the equivalent BMB170 page.
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