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Biophysical/Structural Methods

Note: Local course pdf files were removed per Professor's request on 3/25/2019. Links to cryo-em course are still live from that site.

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Note: problem set links may be present before the problem set file is. In that case clicking on a link will download a file containing just the sentence: This problem set has not yet been uploaded.

Problem sets and data

Problem Set 1, one part, due 1/15/2019
Problem Set 2, two parts, due 1/22/2019
Problem Set 3, two parts, due 1/29/2019
Problem Set 4, two parts, due 2/5/2019
Problem Set 5, one part, due 2/12/2019
Problem Set 6, two parts, due 2/19/2019
Problem Set 7, two parts, due 2/26/2019
Problem Set 8, two parts, due 3/05/2019
Problem Set 9, two parts, due 3/12/2019
Problem Set 10, one part, due 3/19/2019 Top of page

Final Exam

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Class software

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Lecture References

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