Biochemistry and Biophysics of Macromolecules and Molecular Assemblies

Course content:Detailed analysis of the structures of three of the four classes of biological molecules (proteins, nucleic acids, and lipids) and the forces that shape them.

Prerequisites for course: Bi/Ch 110a (biochemistry) or equivalent. BMB/Bi/Ch 170 is intended for graduate students or advanced undergraduates majoring in biology or chemistry. Permission from a professor is required for undergraduates other than seniors to take this course.

Grading:This course is offered for a letter grade only. The five problem-sets account for 75% of grade. A take home final determines the remaining 25% of your grade. Homework is to be turned in by the end of class on the indicated due date. Late homework submitted after that time without a medical excuse will not be accepted. You must contact the TA for the assignment prior to when it is due if you are getting a medical excuse. Once the answer key has been posted the problem set cannot be accepted.

Homework policy: You may use textbooks and other resources to complete problem sets. You may consult with others on the problem sets, but the written work must be done independently by each student. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

E-mail: We will be communicating with students via e-mail, and e-mail is a good way for students to reach the professors, TAs, or David Mathog.

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